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By Marios Alexandrou. Would you know what to do if a co-worker was having a heart attack? Could you help, or would you just stand there and watch helplessly? Would you be able to act if your child began to choke, or would you make the situation worse by slapping them on the back? We're proud to announce that we're releasing a first aid manual as an ebook i. While comprehensive in its coverage, this ebook will continue to be updated as new first aid information becomes available.

Download the manual here opens a new window. In this one-of-a-kind guide to first aid and CPR you'll find many topics on how to help during various medical emergencies.

Utah DLD Handbook (2020)

Some samples include head and neck injuries, bone and joint injuries, medical emergencies such as diabetes, and convulsions, and of course how to help someone who is choking, having a heart attack, or suffering from a stroke. Each section is broken down into a definition, signs and symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

first manual 2020

Thank you for the 50 page First Aid Manual that I was able to copy within minutes for our business employee records that we are required to have. It was so easy to print it out! No one had a printed copy. I even have a piece American Medical Association First Aid Kit that we bought at Costco many years back, although it did not come with a manual. Go figure So thank you again!

Carol Thanks so much! It is great getting this to put in my First Aid Kit. It could be lifesaving! To get this FREE is so generous of you!

Everyone needs to have it. Thanks again!Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. While supplies last. EST on April 13, Terms of Use: All coupons cannot be combined with other promotions.

One free gift per purchase. The coupon code may not be used by employees of the American Red Cross or any other person professionally connected with this offer.

Customers who have an existing pricing agreement in effect on the Red Cross Store are not eligible to redeem the coupon code.

Improper use of the coupon code, including, but not limited to, publication or selling of the coupon code is prohibited. This action could result in the voiding of the coupon code if used and may constitute fraud. Learning Center. Use my location. Live Chat. Your Cart is Empty. Item ID This manual covers skills that students need to know to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill person until more advanced medical personnel arrive and take over.

In Stock. American Red Cross. Return Satisfaction Guarantee The courses in this program teach participants the knowledge and skills needed to give immediate care to an injured or ill person and to decide whether advanced medical care is needed. This program offers a choice of first aid, CPR and AED courses to meet the various training needs of a diverse audience. Recently Viewed.Electric vehicles may have overtaken manual transmissions in terms of sales in the U.

And after weeks of hard work, the car is finally ready for SEMA EAG has documented the build pretty extensively on YouTubeand as seen in their most recent video, the three-pedaled Supra can now move under its own power. We got it running. Shifts through the gears, clutch feels great, engagement's smooth, no grinding," said shop owner Art Bartosik.

The BEST Cars with Manual Transmissions in 2020

Notably, this isn't the first car EAG has performed a manual conversion on. The Texas outfit was also responsible for that gated six-speed Ferrari Italia we reported on over the summer as well as the world's first manual-converted Scuderia.

As of Friday, some bits of the Supra's altered interior still needed some final buttoning up but we fully expect the car to be completely finished when it hits the show floor at SEMA this week. Fortunately, this isn't just a one-off engineering exercise made to generate internet buzz, because interested Supra owners will be able to ship their cars to EAG and have 'em converted.

Granted, it'll cost a decent chunk of change and there will most likely be a long waiting list. It doesn't look like EAG is finished with the mad manual conversions either because listed under "Future Development" on the shop's website is a little-known car called the Chevrolet C8 Corvette. By Chris Tsui November 4, Porsche's terrific eight-speed auto will be standard equipment on the new but now, you can swing for the seven-speed stick.When the Toyota Supra was finally revealed to the world, we had mixed emotions.

In all the excitement of the fifth-generation Supra's arrival, plenty of would-be customers expressed their dissatisfaction that Toyota wasn't offering the car with a manual transmission.

Having driven the new Supra on multiple occasions, we have no complaints with its ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic. But how fun would the car be to drive with a third pedal? That's something European Auto Group wanted to find out. So the San Antonio-based tuner devised a manual swap for the Ageneration Supra. And we had the chance to drive it. But before we tell you about that, we need to tell you about how the shop got its start with one of the most unique vehicles we've ever driven.

EAG's core business involves manual-swapping Ferrari models like the F and GTB, so the company knows its way around a transmission. It's best known manual swap is a Ferrari Scuderia a car that was only sold with an F1 automatic transmissionand as far as we know it's the only manual example in the world. The Scuderia formula is already a winning one with a horsepower V8 mounted in the middle of a 2,pound supercar. Most of the sound-deadening has been removed, so every single vibration from the howling V8 is delivered directly into your eardrum.

Now with a gated manual box, every gear change requires the utmost precision, making it all the more satisfying when you nail the perfect shift. It's as pure as a driving experience gets. The steering communicates every imperfection of the road, the suspension is racy without being too stiff, and the throttle feels directly bolted to your spinal cord. This Ferrari is proof that these are the guys you should trust for your Supra manual swap. EAG's brilliance is on full display here and the manual Scuderia ranks among the best cars we've ever driven.

Before we talk about EAG's work on the manual Supra, we have to mention that the one we sampled is still a development car and customer cars will differ. Getting the transmission to play nice with the rest of the car's electronics is a different story though, which is why we recommend paying EAG to do the swap rather than attempt it yourself. The shift knob you see in the photos comes from the last-generation Z4 and is only temporary. Customer cars will have a unique shifter with an option for a flip-up sport mode button.

Different gear ratios will be available depending on how you plan to use the car. The car we drove, for example, uses a BMW d transmission that is durable enough to handle over 1, hp and a top speed well over mph.Due to internal GradleRIO changes, it is necessary to update previous years projects.

first manual 2020

Depending on the length of the LED string and whether any servos are also being powered from the PWM ports, teams may be able to power the string directly from the PWM port or may need to use an external supply. Team programs, particularly those with many CAN calls, should see reduced and more consistent loop timing with the new implementation. No team action is needed to take advantage of this change, the changes are limited to internal implementation.

Control Packet Caching - A change has been made to the internals of how control packet data such as Joystick data, current mode, etc. The user-facing API has not changed, users will see this benefit without making any changes to their programs. This open source documentation, hosted on Read the Docs, allows for a greater number of contributors including community contribution as well as new features such as testable example code to ensure example code remains correct as library changes are madebetter support for localization, and more.

For the season, KOP part documentation can still be found on Screensteps. More complete details on all of these changes can be found in the changelog below under WPILib. Command Based Framework Rewrite - A new version of the Command Based framework has been written from the ground up based on the years of experience with the previous framework.

PID Controller Rewrite - A new synchronous PID controller class has been written that is structured in a way that makes it simpler to compose with other higher level classes such as filters, motion profiles, kinematics and more.

The new PID Controller is located in a new package to maintain separation from the existing implementation. In addition to the characterization GUI mentioned below this should allow teams a much easier entry to high level control of mechanisms included drivetrains with smooth trajectoriesarms, and elevators.

Robot Characterization Tool - This new tool helps teams characterize their mechanical systems currently supports drivetrains, elevators, and arms to help tune control loops. Combined with the new controls classes this should enable teams to follow an end-to-end solution for autonomous trajectory following.

Simulation GUI - A basic simulation GUI has been implemented allowing teams to visualize outputs and control basic inputs when simulating code on their desktop.

While vendor support at Kickoff is expected to be limited, we hope this will expand in the future. There are many changes and additions to the main WPILib library for Most notably, there is a new version of the command-based framework with several major enhancements, a new synchronous PIDController, a GUI simulator, and kinematics classes have been added for closed loop driving.

The full change log can be read below. The command-based framework has been rewritten. The design rationale behind the rewrite can be found here. The command-based frameworks are now separate vendor libraries, rather then built into WPILib itself. LinearDigitalFilter has been renamed to LinearFilter, and now has a Calculate method which returns the filtered value.

PIDGet was replaced with Calculate. The new PIDController no longer runs asynchronously in a separate thread. This eliminates a major source of bugs for teams. Note this means that the controller will run at the TimedRobot periodic rate.

first manual 2020

Input range was replaced with EnableContinuousInput and output range was replaced with integrator range. To deal with steady-state error, use ProfiledPIDController instead of reducing the output range or having an integral term.

PIDSource is no longer used. Instead, pass the sensor value directly to Calculate. PIDOutput is no longer used. Instead, call Set with the output of Calculate.

Free First Aid and CPR Manual

Percent tolerance has been removed. Absolute tolerance is provided via SetTolerance. Added kinematics classes for Swerve, Mecanum, and DifferentialDrive. These classes can be used to implement closed loop driving of these drive types.

Added odometry classes for Swerve, Mecanum, and DifferentialDrive.You have no vehicle information saved in your Honda Owners account. The Owner's Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications.

If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, a navigation manual with detailed instructions, settings, and other information is also available. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. Delivery time is approximately five weeks. To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now. Need more help? Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance. Choose a Year and Model to View YEAR MODEL.

These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed. The Owner's Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features.

Coverage and terms of your vehicle's warranties, including general provisions, new vehicle limited warranty, emissions, tires and accessories warranties, replacement parts and more. Details can be found in the Warranty section.Getting ready for your DMV permit or driver's license test is tough. Sometimes it's hard to find the official source, among other things. We've done the hard part for you and collected the official DMV handbooks for every U. These are the most recent versions of each state's driver's manuals - we monitor the DMV websites to make sure you're always able to get the updated copy.

As soon as there's a change at the DMV - we'll update the link on this page. If you prefer a digital copy, select your state in the drop-down above to get the latest official driver's manual Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles provides a number of driver's manuals and handbooks to help you become a safe driver.

Those include a standard driver's license manual, a motorcycle license manual and a CDL commercial driver's license manual.

Instead of carrying around a paper copy of the manual, download the PDF to your smartphone and study when it's convenient to you: on the bus or waiting in line at the DMV! For those times when you just don't have a desktop or laptop around, you can read the PDF version of your state's driver's manual on your smartphone using the convenient mobile PDF viewer. Test your knowledge on the Rules of the Road here.

All questions are based on facts taken directly from the most recent version of the official Driver's Manual for your state. Exam Simulators mimic the experience of a DMV exam, pulling random questions from a huge database. Perfect for everything from learner's permit and driver's license to renewal and senior citizen refresher exams. We've seen it happen with thousands of learner drivers all around the country.

If it happened to them, then it can happen to you as well. Not sure how this is possible? Upgrade to Premium today, and we'll show you how. Are these materials legit? How does it work? Official Source. Most Recent. Easily Accessible. See CDL manuals. View online. The manual can also be downloaded to your device for offline use, if you prefer.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles "These practice driving skills exams make studying easier and less stressful. Kansas Department of Transportation "First-time driver or need a refresher course?

More than a Driver's Ed program Training America's next-generation drivers.

Free First Aid and CPR Manual

Based on Official Manual. Exam Simulators. All License Types. You'll pass your exam the first time We've seen it happen with thousands of learner drivers all around the country. Learn More About Premium.